Pro bono work, or volunteer work, is essentially free work.

Offering Pro Bono Services

Pro bono work can be a useful way for beginners and students to gain experience and add samples to their portfolio, since professionals are more likely to hire someone with less experience if there isn't a paycheck on the line. Those hoping to build their portfolio and professional reputation should be sure to treat their pro bono clients with the same diligence they would bring to any paid position; pro bono work is an excellent opportunity to earn professional experience.

Non-profits are generally in need of several creative services and, due to limited budgets, often seek out volunteers to offer their skills as graphic designers, website designers, entertainers and other such positions.

Utilizing Pro Bono Services

Other organizations, such as The Lawyers for the Creative Arts based in Chicago, offer their services free of charge to qualifying parties. Anyone planning to utilize these services should be sure to check with the organization about who qualifies to become a recipient before receiving these services.