A leave-behind as the name suggests, is a part or sampling of a portfolio that is left with a potential employer or exhibitor after a meeting or interview. Leave-behinds can be anything from brochures, self-promotional flyers, creative packages with key portfolio elements, or printed images. Some leave-behinds are more elaborate and interactive, depending on time and budget allowances, such as an interactive and custom designed and packaged CD or DVD or a nicely printed color brochure with pockets for accompanying CDs and business card.

Leave-behinds are typically used in advertising, design, photography and fine art, and is most often a single printed piece that depicts either a single piece from the portfolio or a collage of several portfolio pieces.

The goal of a leave-behind is to help the interviewer(s) remember the candidate and his/her work in the days follow the meeting and/or spark more interest from a potential employer or client one meets briefly in an elevator or at a party, for example. It also works in the same way a business card does, providing contact information to follow-up with.

As an alternative, a leave-behind is sometimes mailed to the potential client, employer, or interviewer(s) as opposed to physically leaving work with them.