This newly emerging media outlet offers portfolio creators a chance to showcase their professional skills, network with other professionals in their field/s, explore the latest trends, research, and topics of professional interest in an open and interactive forum.

Writers and reporters often create professional blogs and have taken great advantage of the ability to integrate image with text to further enrich the reading experience. Conversely, blogs are an ideal way for fine artists to showcase their images and further enhance the visual experience by writing descriptive narratives.

Blogs can be quickly updated and added to throughout a career, act as a sort of database or catalogue of the artist's work, and also allow the (re)viewer to gain a sense of one's artistic style and interests.

While many professional blogs will avoid social commentary and personal narratives, some have found that creating a bridge between professional and personal interests can often increase your market, build name and product recognition, demonstrate the full depth and breadth of your knowledge and expertise, and create more networking opportunities.

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